Sunday, January 23, 2011

Walk Into The Sea

Finally, here we go.....a new album.

Slow down, Molasses - Walk Into The Sea
1. Sometimes We All Fall Apart - 1:54
2. Bodies - 6:55
3. Late Night Radio - 3:39
4. As Meant To Be - 5:10
5. Feathers - 2:59
6. Wake Me Up At The Coast - 2:13
7. Light - 4:03
8. Fade Out - 5:35
9. Walk Into The Sea - 3:24

After 14 months of work with a cast 16 musicians, 3 engineers and whole pile of late nights and long weekends, we have a new album - Walk Into The Sea.

Walk Into The Sea will be released independently on our Little Pictures label on March 15, 2011 to coincide with a coast to coast Canadian tour.

The record runs 36 minutes 30 second and will be released on both vinyl and cd.

We had the amazing opportunity to work with incredible people on this album. Julie Doiron joins us on the first single Feathers (have a listen below), Olenka & The Autumn Lovers join us with string arrangements on 2 songs and layers of vocal harmonies on 3 more. Toby Bond (Carbon Dating Service, No Birds) added viola on a couple songs, local trumpeter extraordinaire Claire Anderson played on 3 songs, and Nikki Schmid (of local goth-rockers New Jacobin Club) added some cello to a couple songs. Finally the wonderful Mr. James Bunton of Ohbijou came out and mixed it with us and our amazing engineers Jordan Smith and Mark Klopoushak. To cap it all off Harris Newman of Grey Market Mastering mastered the album for us.

It was a pretty crazy year with some of us having big things happen (kids, marriages, big moves across the country, crazy day job happenings), but it all came together with some pretty key help along the way. We have to send some huge thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board from whom we were fortunate enough to receive a recording grant and to the CBC and Sask Music who were kind enough to ask us to play a CBC Canada Live recording last March which helped fund some of the record and was a great way to re-focus us after a busy winter.

So here you go, a first taste of the record. This is the first single (....if naming a single really makes any sense anymore). Julie Doiron sings backups on it and we are so incredibly happy to finally share it with people.

Feathers by Slow down, Molasses

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