Sunday, March 27, 2011

follow along, follow along

Mid-tour and a quick update. We're hanging out in Charlottetown waiting for our show at Baba's and I've finally got a spare moment to update this page........with links to some other pages.

We've been sending out updates a few other places, so if you want to follow along with this tour, there are a few options:


Officially, follow

but if you want the full experience, follow a few of the touring band's personal twitter feed:

Ryan -
Jeanette -
Chris -
Paterson -


Officially, follow

and again, individually, you can find a couple people at:

Ryan, blogging on road food, diners, and all the best places to eat if you are a band touring canada -

Jeanette providing Jeans Boots updates at -

Also, check the link on the side for our facebook page for links to videos, music, etc.

And stream (and buy) the entire new album at

Or order a cd copy at

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